Unvergessliche Rituale im Hotel
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Forgotten Celtic rituals, rediscovered for you

From lunar festival Beltane to winter festival Samhain

The lives of the Celts were enriched by a great many rituals. Rituals that we have rekindled at our 5-star superior hotel on Lake Lugano. They give us the lightness of air, the courage and vigour of fire, the stability and safety of earth, and the plenitude and life of water.

Unvergessliche Rituale im Hotel

The annual cycle begins with lunar festival Beltane, which celebrates the start of spring. In days gone by, the Celts celebrated the sacred marriage between the earth and sky, creating new life. In our wellness hotel near Lugano, we view this festival as an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves. Gathered together around a bonfire, we gain new strength and become one with ourselves and nature. An inner fire is kindled within us that generates new, fruitful thoughts, letting us take flight to new realms of being.

Unvergessliche Rituale im Hotel

Leaving the past behind you, looking back with gratitude, and feeling a deep connection to nature and its invisible forces – that’s what winter festival Samhain is all about. According to the Celts, the doors to the supernatural world open on this magical night, and unseen forces are unleashed. Just like the Celts, we also light a bonfire on this day, 31st October, to pause for a moment and look to the future, and our lives, full of optimism.

Unvergessliche Rituale im Hotel

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