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For the love of nature. For the love of people.

Sustainable hotel out of principle

ARIA Retreat & SPA, our 5-star superior hotel on Lake Lugano, is in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, which we need to preserve for our descendants. We strongly believe that stopping climate change and protecting the environment are the most important challenges of our time. Thanks to sustainable construction methods, optimised use of resources, ensuring our staff have appropriate training and awareness, and cooperation within the local area, we have significantly reduced the CO2 emissions of all our hotels over the last years. What’s more, here at our sustainable hotel we compensate for unavoidable emissions by providing financial support to the climate protection projects of Rete Clima in Italy, and consequently the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol

Our measures at a glance

  • Free transfer from and to the Lugano train station for those arriving by train
  • Free charging stations for hotel guests’ electric cars – solar energy produced 100% on site
  • Recycling of coffee capsules and pads
  • Recycling of soaps
  • Refitted with low-energy devices
  • Sustainable procurement of ingredients (welfare-friendly meat, certified fishing)
  • Breakfast buffets with quality regional products
  • Minimisation of food packaging on the buffets
  • Kitchen waste is supplied to biogas fuel producers.
  • No PET bottles
  • Cooperation with local producers and suppliers
  • Purchase of mostly regional products
  • Use of eco-certified cleaning products
  • Electricity generated solely through Alpine hydroelectric power
  • Strict separation of rubbish and rigorous recycling of all materials
  • Heat exchange and heat recovery for ventilation and wastewater
  • We are constantly updating our technical systems to ones that reduce energy consumption.
  • Internal and external communication is kept paperless as far as possible.
  • All brochures that are still printed are made using 100% recycled, chlorine-free paper.
  • Regular staff training on various sustainability topics
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Water has an almost magical allure. And it’s no wonder – water is life. At our hotel with pool near Lugano, we have harnessed the power of water to give you renewed well-being. Water played a vital role as a source of life in Celtic culture, a tradition we have revived in the SPA of our hotel. The Celts believed that every spring, every river, and every lake was inhabited by divine beings, and sought contact with them via various rituals to call on their healing powers. We have reinterpreted these rituals to whisk you away into new realms of well-being. So, book your stay at our 5-star superior hotel on Lake Lugano, dive into the waters of the lake and our unique infinity pool, and enjoy renewed vitality.

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In our exclusive 5-star superior hotel on Lake Lugano, treat yourself to fresh vitality. Inhale deeply and enjoy the feeling of freedom and renewed energy that swells with every breath. The views of the unspoilt nature that surrounds you here on the shores of Lake Lugano and Lake Como, the scents drifting in the air, the flavours that tantalise your taste buds – your senses will never have felt as alive as during your holiday in our luxury hotel near Lugano. Enjoy the infinite expanse of stunning mountain and lake scenery and soak up the indescribable scents that flood your airways while forest bathing near the hotel. The soothing peace during yoga and meditation sessions will banish the noise of everyday life. You can rediscover yourself and surrender to relaxation during one of our many air-themed detox treatments with selected cosmetics and wellness products from leading manufacturers such as VITALIS Dr Joseph and Ebenholz.

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Aromatic herbs played as important a role for the Celts as they do in our exceptional hotel near Switzerland. The Druids, as the Celts called their healers, were well versed in the versatile healing powers of a wide range of herbs. But they didn’t only use these green power sources for medicinal purposes, they also used them as incense and wore them on their body as talismans. At our 5-star superior hotel on Lake Lugano, we have harnessed this ancient earth knowledge to develop delicious recipes, exquisite scents for our exclusive suites, and numerous beneficial treatments, all drawing on the power of aromatic herbs to give you a feeling of renewed vitality. And, of course, we only use the best natural products by leading manufacturers such as Ebenholz, Pino, and VITALIS Dr Joseph. Simply surrender yourself to nature’s embrace.

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Nachhaltiges Hotel für Umweltbewusste
Nachhaltiges Hotel für Umweltbewusste
Nachhaltiges Hotel für Umweltbewusste
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